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JAI Aesthetics is a skincare company devoted to providing novel transdermal face masks for Professionals and Consumers. 

JAI Aesthetics was created by physicians and scientists and inspired by our love and passion for skincare. The word "Jai" is derived from Jaya (Sanskrit), which means victory or triumph.  Jaya is the name of our youngest child who truly exemplifies the meaning of her name hence we named our company JAI Aesthetics as a tribute to her and the brand. 

Our goal is to improve clinical outcomes and enhancing patient experiences after facial aesthetic procedures, as well as, provide efficacious masks for at-home care. 

The POST Transdermal Hydrogel Mask: 
- is designed to reduce downtime and improve patient comfort following popular aesthetic procedures such as microneedling, laser resurfacing, IPL and injections. 
- aids in topical delivery of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), peptides, serums and more. 

In addition to the Professional POST mask, JAI has created 6 Consumer masks which will launch in Spring 2020 - focusing on various skincare concerns that many people face. The JAI Consumer masks were created for at home use to help improve skin conditions for all skin types. 

JAI face masks are made in the USA.